Proper farmer!

I now feel fully qualified to call myself a proper fully fledged farmer. Having made a loss on a group of fresian bull calves. It was a rash experiment that I won’t be repeating and have definitely learned a lesson from!!!

I won’t be blockading outside cattle dealers for not getting a “fair” price. Poor decision making on my part were to blame, coupled with a fast approaching end to a pre movement Tb test and needing space for the neighbours heifers. The one saving grace was an Angus bull in the group did ok!


Following on from last time, the calf shed is now finished and animals are in!20161218_163741



Getting the vetilation right has been an issue. The number of doors we have open depends on weather conditions at the time! I’ve visually been pleased with them. Our most recent batch have been in there as soon as they arrived so I’ll see if growth weights please me too….



We’re still looking for another farm based expansion plan to complement what we already have. As I’ve previously discussed, we’re only able to have animals from the farm we rear heifers for. So we’re quire limited. The beef calves we rear to 15 weeks all go to one chap, so I’m giving consideration to buying a few more per batch and hanging on to them and selling as stores. Although a consultant did recently tell me that beef farming is full of broken dreams……                                      I aim to remain vigilant this time. Have a good handle on costs. Start small and see how it goes. Otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.


All our heifers are houses now bar 37 in calf ladies. We’re feeding silage in the field as it is unseasonably dry here and would be a shame to bring them in. I’m definitely not complaining about that!

In the meantime the off farm building work continues. Most recently helping an ex dairy farmer diversify in to all matters equine!

It’s a week away from Christmas and in true man fashion I haven’t started my festive shopping yet. Our weekend help is too busy to help out in winter so I am very much looking forward to 2 days off after Christmas, visiting my mum in Chepstow leaving my wife in charge of the farm  Hopefully everything will be in order on my return. (Probably in better order!)

So I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!


2 thoughts on “Proper farmer!

  1. I like your upbeat, positive attitude! Keep the chin up. Yes, we all gets losses on occasion. Beef market here has been horribly low. You sound like you have the business end figured out – I hope good opportunities come your way!


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